When Bosnian-born Aisha and cameraman Elias team up to shoot a documentary on the mysterious disappearance of Aisha’s brother, they soon start to suspect someone is playing a dark game with them.

Available for streaming in the Netherlands and the USA

The project

Exhibit #8 is the feature debut of Rotterdam-based director Ruben Broekhuis. With this project, a whole new twist is given to the found footage genre. In this documentary-style fiction film, the viewer slowly discovers that he/she is watching a completely different kind of film than initially thought. The film is produced by Make Way Film and written by Sarah Offringa.

The film premiered at Imagine Fantastic Film Festival in October 2022 in Amsterdam.  It’s now available for streaming in the US.

For more information please contact: info@makewayfilm.com or +31(0)6 15 82 92 49.

Official selections

Main cast



Nastaran Razawi Khorasani plays Aisha

Aisha came to the Netherlands in the ’90s with her big brother, Adin. They were housed in the local refugee centre in Wilgenburg. Adin disappeared without a trace. Aisha – only being a young kid at the time – was too young to do anything. Soon she got adopted by a loving couple in Rotterdam, who nurtured her to become the woman she is today.

But she never really has been able to stop wondering: what has happened to Adin? 



Claudio Magaña Torres plays Elias

Elias has only recently settled in the Netherlands, as he is originally from Venezuela. He is working as a documentary maker, and when he heard his friend Aisha’s history, he immediately knew it was a story to chase.

He will support her in her search for Adin and document every step of the way. 




Mike Reus plays Karl

After an adventures career as a war photographer, Karl settled down in Wilgenburg to enjoy a slower pace of life.

He got a job at the local refugee centre, assisting the manager Robert with various tasks.  

Coen van Vlijmen plays Robert

Robert is in charge of running the local refugee centre in Wilgenburg.

He looks like a trustworthy person, but is he really the person he claims to be?

The crew

Ruben Broekhuis – Director


Monique van Kessel – Producer

Make Way Film

Sarah Offringa – Writer


 D.o.P: Thiemo van Dam

Line producer: Jennifer Eikelenboom

Assistant director: Corien van der Zwaag


Camera, Light and Sound 

Sound recordist: Dennis van Rijswijk

1st AC: Jason Hornung

2nd ACs: Yuma Eekman & Peter Marcus

Drone operator: Kees Riphagen


Production assistants: 

Marije Loermans, Fauve de Ruiter,

Julia Eikelenboom & Frans-Willem Janssens

Caterer: Robin ‘t Hart

Set photographer layer 2: Julia Gat

Art, Styling and SFX 

Production designer and stylist layer 1: Julia Timmerman

Production designer and stylist layers 2+3: Sanne Croonenberg

Styling on set: Laila Fantozzi

Make-up artists layer 2: Lona Cerutti & Janne Jonasse

Set assistants: Roy Jakobs, Lianne Klitsie & Nina Gideons

Graphic prop designer: Rogier Mulder

Set builder: Joost Kraan

Stunt actor & stunt coordinator: Roland Gotjé

Special make up artist layer 1: Bärbel Scheid 

Special make up artists layer 2: Richard Raaphorst, Stephan Vos & Sharon de Ruijsscher (The Mad Scientists Movement)

Special props: Sarina Reilingh & Chris Vos


Editor: Kees Riphagen

Composer: Vidjay Beerepoot

Sound designer: Dennis van Rijswijk

Dialogue editor: Ramon Strien

Foley recordist: Jordy Zijlmans

Color grader: Luuk de Kok

Poster designer: Gijs Kuiper

Graphics: Rodrigo Cardoso

Compositor: Rogier Mulder

Make Way Film | Vlaardingweg 62 (room 4.48), 3044 CK Rotterdam | info@makewayfilm.com